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The only Goths in the village

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Having run a successful Vampyre group The Vampyre Connexion for many years have now decided to take life a little easier and have moved to North Wales where we are sampling the delights of the beautiful countryside, castles and seasides as well as generally scaring the locals!

I belong to the Dracula Society and The Sherlock Holmes Society.

An avid bargain hunter I cannot pass a charity shop, antique or flea market without delving in whether to stock up our house or our costume collection. Adore dressing up especially period clothes and steampunk and like to go to places and events where I can wear them.

I am an avid reader, like to draw and paint and am learning music and to play the keyboard. Also spend lots of time gardening in the new garden.

This journal is an online diary really, detailing my adventures and activities exciting and mundane. So welcome to my world!