demonmoonglow (demonmoonglow) wrote,

Busy busy

It has been a plethora of wedding anniversaries and birthdays the last couple of days and it's been great to have all my family here to celebrate them. The weather has been all sorts from rain to sunshine so we've been able to get some time out and about with my daughter.

Friday night a jam sesssion in the studio with the entire family - five guitars and keyboards and lots of out of tune singing! Saturday we investigated the medieval fair in Abergele, small but a bit of a laugh

Sunday we investigated Conwy Aquatics primarily to get a new pump for our garden fountain which had decided to give up the ghost. Whilst there we toured all the aquariums and reptile displays. A pity the weather wasn't brillant as they had 3 fishing lakes and hosts of ducks and swans which would have made a nice walk round on a sunny day. But no mind - got some good advice and came home with a new pump and connector.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny so the new pump was fitted and working and we then went blackberrying in the local woods. Stained and stung we cleaned up and then off to my grandaughter Sammy's birthday party and then finally ended up at The Old Stag in Llangernw for dinner (whale and chips - the portions were enormous).

Today chilling out and getting my stuff together for the weekend. My bustle has finally arrived, my confirmation email arrived so just have to navigate across country and find my way there!






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