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Out and about

Yesterday another stunningly sunny day we decided to take off to explore Anglesey. So packed lunch in the car and off and away. Alas not to Anglesey it would seem. As we headed into town it became apparent there was an abnormal amount of traffic around and indeed looking up at the motorway bridge we could see everything was at a standstill in the direction we wanted.

Oh well nothing for it but to explore somewhere else and it turned out not to be a disappointment after all. We headed on to a new route for us along the coast and the railway line. We were going to try and find a large rusty liner we had spotted from our train coming back from London. It looked rather steampunky and in need of photographing. And we found it and managed to negotiate our way along a neglected foot path right beside it.

An extraodinary sight - how did this ship end up here?

The footpath goes this way. Ok until we returned and found the tide had come in and the tunnel was filled with water. Oh well shoes off and wade through.

Intrepid explorer!

I think we get the message

Time for lunch after our exertions and then we decided to check out a beach. We had seen a sign post earlier on our route marked simply "Beach".Sounded about right and off we went. Driving up the tiny road it began to look suspiciously like the scene in the Mad Max film where the bad guys tormented the girl and her kid. Ah well the natives here seemed friendly enough. Approaching the top of the rise and expecting to find a concrete promenade with dainty seats and a shelter or two we were bowled over to discover completely wild sand dunes. So the day ended gloriously sitting on the sand in the sun with a cool breeze from the sea.


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