Can't be bothered any more

I think I shall be giving LJ postings a miss in future. Nobody seems particularly interested in my boring life and managing photos and LJ cuts are time consuming and frustrating and my life is busy enough as it is.

I shall continue to post any piccies on Facebook where I know I have several friends and family who enjoy them and it's a damn sight more easy to download.

I don't have anything to promote these days so the need to post myself around the world suddenly doesn't seems so important any more.

Chester and Sir Henry Jones

 Friday spent  pleasant day shopping in  Chester. Discovered a fabric and crafts shop in one of the side streets along with some new charity shops and a groovy pub called The Temple which looked like a converted church but I discovered had actually been designed and made like one.

Saturday visited The Henry Jones museum with our Saturday Welsh speaking group. The son of a shoemaker after a day working with his father he sat up all night studying and eventually became a professor at Glasgow University. The cottage is just as it would have been at that time in the late 19th century and is tiny, hard to imagine a family of 9 living there.

more pictures here for those interested

Saturday evening went to birthday party at friend's round the corner, plenty of food and drink and lots of laughs. Sunday some work int he garden as the sun was shining and then tea at Julian's.

Tonight off to grandsons' prize giving at theatre in Rhyl.

Dorian Grey and other stuff

So Tuesday went to see the Dorian Grey movie and was pleasantly surprised. Not too much alteration of the story, certainly not enough to spoil it. Lots of debauchery as, obviously, 21st century films can show a lot more than the older versions could! Stunning costumes and great locations -amongst which I spotted the gothic chapel folly from Painshill Park! I have happy memories there of a scorching hot day with the original Vampyre Society. Most enjoyable film and no doubt the CD will be joining our collection with Colin's other older editions - will make a good comparison.

Yesterday was spent in dear old B & Q buying a radiator cover for the dinning room/library. No problem buying it but trying to get it in the car was a nightmare. Which ever way we turned it we just couldn't get it in. Eventually we had to remove it from the box and packaging and it just squeezed in. I knew it had to happen one day.  Anyway it's now installed and looking very smart.

Welsh  class tonight at our as our numbers have swelled so much to many for our teacher's room. Even we have only just got enough chairs so hopefully no more join us.

The Asylum

Well what can I say about this fabulous weekend? A wondrous mix of lovely, zany people inventive dress and very friendly. Great to see old friends and meet lots of new ones. One of the best events I've been too. Here's to the next one.
Photos here as I can't be doing with LJ cuts any more

Steampunk weekend cometh ready or not!

I'm now at the stage where I have packed everything but still think I've forgotten something. I'm getting the jitters as usual for the journey, a normal but annoying situation that I don't seems ever to overcome. The back of the car looks like a car boot sale and I'm dreading unloading the thing. God knows how many trips it'll take and are my outfits going to match up to everyone else?

Why do I do it?' Cos I know that I'm going to enjoy every minute, will love meeting friends old and new and will definitely be back if another one. Strange ain't it?

Busy busy

It has been a plethora of wedding anniversaries and birthdays the last couple of days and it's been great to have all my family here to celebrate them. The weather has been all sorts from rain to sunshine so we've been able to get some time out and about with my daughter.

Friday night a jam sesssion in the studio with the entire family - five guitars and keyboards and lots of out of tune singing! Saturday we investigated the medieval fair in Abergele, small but a bit of a laugh

Sunday we investigated Conwy Aquatics primarily to get a new pump for our garden fountain which had decided to give up the ghost. Whilst there we toured all the aquariums and reptile displays. A pity the weather wasn't brillant as they had 3 fishing lakes and hosts of ducks and swans which would have made a nice walk round on a sunny day. But no mind - got some good advice and came home with a new pump and connector.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny so the new pump was fitted and working and we then went blackberrying in the local woods. Stained and stung we cleaned up and then off to my grandaughter Sammy's birthday party and then finally ended up at The Old Stag in Llangernw for dinner (whale and chips - the portions were enormous).

Today chilling out and getting my stuff together for the weekend. My bustle has finally arrived, my confirmation email arrived so just have to navigate across country and find my way there!


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Trefriw Woolen Mill

I have my daughter and son-in-law staying till next Thursday so time for a little sightseeing. Indoors it would seem as the weather has decided to become winter so today a trip to a nearby woolen mill to watch machines spinning, weaving and turning all powered by hyrdro electrics. Finished by the usual visit to the shop to try on hats, gloves and scarves and wrap ourselves in rugs - none of which we brought as they were far too expensive - then to a cuppa and cake which weren't.

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Have now got all my outfits ready for The Asylum minus the pin striped bustle I was getting from someone on Etsy which has failed to materialise and who has yet to answer my mail. We shall see. My thoughts about being too hot have rapidly changed and I'm now considering winter coats as cannot imagine swanning around courtyards in the temperatures they are at the moment! I am also anxiously waiting for the confirmation email to arrive from the organisers - no doubt mine is going to be the one bouncing around the ether!

Penrhyn Castle

Gorgeous sunny day and a family trip to Bangor and Penrhyn Castle. Primarily to see the photographic exhibition where my son had won second prize but also a chance to visit this stunning castle. An amazing place, super dinning room, lots of bedrooms and 4 poster beds, large Victorian kitchens and pantries, doll museum, steam train collection, exhibition on slavery presumably because the original family's money came from the sugar trade in the West Indies. All set in huge gardens overlooking Snowdonia and Anglesey across the estuary.
Unfortunately no inside photography allowed as usual but found a couple of these on the web


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Just normal life

Last few days have been adding bits to my steampunk clobber for the Asylum. Have ordered a pin stripe bustle skirt from Etsy to go with my newly acquired charity shop puchased jacket. Hope it gets here ok as have never ordered from anyone on there before. Seems to be pretty nice and accomodating as she is making this as a special order for me and very reasonably priced.

Tea dyed some white lace gloves and they have come out a nice sepia shade. The only odd thing was that one of the bows obstinately refused to change colour. Strange - hard to think that the bows were made of different materials on the same pair! Just had to remove the bows in the end.

After years of washing up have now decided to get a dish washer. Have always been put off by the size - 10 - 12 place settings which meant for 2 of us having a large selection of crockery to make it effcient for just the 2 of us most of the time. However they now make compact size ones for 4 - 5 settings which makes it more sense. So one now ordered and on its way. The installation, of course, involves major upheaval of the utility room and our friendly plumber/electrician Alan is arriving tomorrow to create new electric sockets, connect to drains and water pipes and add work tops.

The weather has been a strange mix over the last few days, we've gone from sunny and warm, to muggy and very warm winds, rain over night and this afternoon sunshine, wind and thunder!

No Welsh class tonight as our tutor is at a meeting so will be doing some revision here ourselves. Shall finish the evening watching the final double bill of The Mentalist. Been a great series and will be much missed.