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Dorian Grey and other stuff [Sep. 17th, 2009|12:27 pm]
So Tuesday went to see the Dorian Grey movie and was pleasantly surprised. Not too much alteration of the story, certainly not enough to spoil it. Lots of debauchery as, obviously, 21st century films can show a lot more than the older versions could! Stunning costumes and great locations -amongst which I spotted the gothic chapel folly from Painshill Park! I have happy memories there of a scorching hot day with the original Vampyre Society. Most enjoyable film and no doubt the CD will be joining our collection with Colin's other older editions - will make a good comparison.

Yesterday was spent in dear old B & Q buying a radiator cover for the dinning room/library. No problem buying it but trying to get it in the car was a nightmare. Which ever way we turned it we just couldn't get it in. Eventually we had to remove it from the box and packaging and it just squeezed in. I knew it had to happen one day.  Anyway it's now installed and looking very smart.

Welsh  class tonight at our as our numbers have swelled so much to many for our teacher's room. Even we have only just got enough chairs so hopefully no more join us.